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spirit week  2019

September 23rd-27th




The Homecoming Theme is "Road Trip in America." Middle and High school students can participate if they buy a Spirit Pass. Spirit passes are on sale in the lunchroom. Students MUST have a Spirit pass to be out of uniform. Elementary may dress up without purchasing a Spirit Pass. In elementary, girls must wear uniform skirt, and boys must wear uniform pants each day!

T-shirts will be allowed if they depict the theme for the day. No inappropriate writing on the t-shirts are allowed. Students who wear inappropriate t-shirts will be sent home with an unexcused absence.

Monday -  Hawaii - Beach Theme

Aloha ya'll

Dress in clothes representing Hawaii, and things found in Hawaii.

Ideas: leis, Hawaiian shirts

**No shorts or swimwear for guys or girls. please

Tuesday -   Texas - Western Theme


Dress in western clothing. Middle and High school girls can wear jean SKIRTS, and boys can wear jeans. In elementary, boys and girls must wear uniform pants and skirts.

Ideas: cowboy hats, cowboy boots, hanky around the neck

Wednesday - Washington D.C. - Patriotic Day

Hooray for the red, white, and blue!

Dress in patriotic clothing, or things red, white, and blue.

Ideas: red, white, and / or blue socks, shoes, hair bows, shirts

Thursday - NYC Tie Dye

Totally tubular

Dress in tie-dyed accessories and clothing. Students can dress up as iconic items that represent New York such as the Statue of Liberty or an Apple. No oversized beverage cups allowed! Kidding, kidding...

Ideas: tie-dyed shirts, scarves, socks, Statue of Liberty hat

Friday - The Green Zoo

Who are we kidding...its a zoo every Friday!

Dress in green and white clothing. Dress as an unusual green and white zoo animal. The animal must be green and white.

Ideas: green and/or white hats, ties, socks, hair bows, bow ties, capes

*** Middle and High School Girls  must wear skirts each day.

Green party hat




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