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Elementary Art

• Art is offered on the elementary level for first through fifth grade

• Elementary art meets once a week for forty minutes.

Our focus:

Understanding of the elements of art (line, shape, form, space, color, texture, value)

Familiarity with some "big" works of art

Expression and creativity through art

An understanding of various media (chalk pastels, coloring pencils, graphite, acrylic paint, watercolor paint, collage,  crayons)

High School Art

  • Draw/Paint I is offered at the high school level. 

  • Draw / Paint I meets five days a week.


 Draw/Paint I is designed to be a foundation for advanced art courses.

Understanding Elements of Art and Principles of Art is emphasized as a basis for composition of projects.


Drawing, painting, two- and three-dimensional design are some of the areas the student will explore as well as learning about art throughout history.

A willingness to create, rather than talent or previous experience, is the most important requirement of this course.

Draw/Paint I satisfies the Fine Arts requirement for graduation.


Horace, “A picture is a poem without words”

White geometrical Shapes
Paint Brush
Hand Drawing
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