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The only thing that you absolutely have to know, is the location of the library.”― Albert Einstein




The resource center (AKA library) is open for all students, faculty, staff, and volunteers to check out books.

The elementary grades (1st-5th) have library class where they also check out books. Kindergarten does have a library time; however, they do not check out library books. Middle and high school students do not have a set library time, but are welcome to come to the library as they are able. Middle and high school students are welcome to check out library books both for personal use and for research purposes.

There are six computer stations located within the resource center. Students are welcome to use the computers as needed.


There are many fun things that occur in the resource center. For instance, each year we have a bookmark challenge, where students (2nd-12th grades) can create a bookmark. Winning bookmarks are copied, laminated, and given to library users. The winners also get a book as a reward.

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