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Dear Potential Donor:

For fifty years, Ocala Christian Academy’s staff has continued to fulfill the great commission of our Lord Jesus Christ and has been educating future leaders with a Biblical worldview. Dr. Jesse Bloom founded OCA in 1972 for the purpose of educating students with eternity in mind. Our administration believes that it is the responsibility of the faculty to assist parents to “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it,” as instructed in Proverbs 22:6. OCA has educated young people in the way of the Lord since September 6, 1972 until now, 2023!

Ocala Christian Academy’s many alumni include doctors, lawyers, pastors, government officials, teachers, missionaries, skilled craftsman, and business men and women like you. Our alumni serve in this local community and around the world.

OCA offers a fully accredited K5 through 12th grade traditional classroom program, as well as a K-3 & K-4 pre-school program while striving to maintain one of the lowest tuition rates in Marion County. The campus has been recognized by the City Council of Ocala as well as the Marion County Commission as an area landmark. As our student body has been steadily increasing every year for the last decade, we have also been steadily performing some much needed renovations and upgrades. Over time we have identified a number of necessary projects and renovations. These projects include remodeling the cafeteria kitchen, upgrading the high school science room, building a fine arts building, and redesigning the front office to increase efficiency and student safety. A detailed list is provided for your information (see below).

The student tuition at OCA covers our annual budget expenses such as salaries, maintenance, utilities and insurance. However, in order to keep tuition down we do not allocate much for our future projects or upgrades.

This is where Ocala businesses can invest back into our community. If your business annually gives to a nonprofit organization, would you consider giving to Ocala Christian Academy? The benefits for your business are as follows: spreading the Gospel; instilling strong Biblical values and work ethic in the students’ lives; receiving a letter of charitable contribution for tax purposes and any donation may be totally confidential if desired; and being awarded a certificate of your partnership with OCA. We also can create a banner to advertise your business at our sporting events for an additional donation.

Please consider giving to a particular project (see below), donating construction items, contributing an amount toward our general project fund, or sponsoring scholarships for students in need. If you have any questions or would like to see these projects firsthand, please contact us at 352-694-4178.

Ocala Christian Academy Improvement Opportunities

Remodeling & Building Projects:

Sports Complexes such as: baseball concession, dugouts, tennis courts and track are needed to enhance our sports program at OCA. 

  1. Replace siding & paint baseball concession stand – $1,000 est.

  2. Replace roofs on baseball dugouts – $1,000 est.

  3. Add screen or fence on west side of the baseball field – $1,000 est.

  4. Upgrade varsity locker rooms (lockers & flooring) – $5,000 est. - Completed 2018

  5. Remodel gym restrooms – $5,000 est. (each)

  6. Roof cover over outside courts/shell building – $20,000 est.

  7. Replace weight room (floors/walls) – $5,000 est.

  8. Change ceiling tiles in gym lobby – $1,000 est.

  9. Purchase new varsity football uniforms – $4,000 est.

  10. Replace baseball score board (wireless) – $5,000 est.

We would like to upgrade and re-model several other buildings, rooms, and locations at OCA:

  1. Upgrade lighting & install drop ceilings in classrooms – $1,000 est. (each) - in progress

  2. Relocate office (walls/floor/counter/ceiling/HVAC) – $35,000 est. - completed 2016

  3. Replace paneling in four more classrooms (with FRP board– $2,000 est. (each)

  4. Replace several classroom floorings with carpet squares – $2,000 est. (each)

  5. Upgrade ground security with fencing, gates, and cameras - $45,000 est. - completed 2018 with perimeter fencing, security gates, and over 40 cameras

  6. Remodel cafeteria kitchen – $15,000 est.

  7. Remodel high school office (walls/floor) – make sliding window – $5,000 est.

  8. Security doors on buildings (magnetic swipe/code) – $1,000 est. (each)

  9. Upgrade high school Science room (remove wall, replace lab stations with dual student desks/plumb & wire each station / floor & walls) – $25,000 est.

  10. Upgrade library – replace FRP board walls & flooring and add new bookshelves – $10,000 est. - upgraded 2018

  11. Replace cafeteria ceiling – $2,000 est. - upgraded 2016

  12. Remodel Computer Lab and upgrade computers $20,000 est. - upgraded 2017

  13. Reconstruct extended care area – drywall, ceiling, flooring & lights – $9,000 est. - upgraded 2017

  14. Replace flooring in elem. bldg. hallways with carpet squares – $8,000 est. - upgraded 2015

  15. Remodel cafeteria restrooms – $5,000 est. (each)

  16. Replace middle school/high school hall flooring – $10,000 est.

  17. Re-pave parking lot – $85,000 est. - upgraded 2022

  18. Replace elem. covered sidewalks – $15,000 est.

  19. Replace stage in our cafeteria – $1,000 est. - upgraded 2015

  20. Replace middle school building HVAC system with mini-splits – $50,000 est.

  21. Replace high school building HVAC system with mini-splits – $50,000 est.

Transportation Necessities:

To continue to safely transport students we need the following:

  1. Purchase a newer used “yellow” school bus (60+ passenger /AC /storage bays) – $25,000 est.

  2. Purchase an additional used mini-bus – $25,000 est.

  3. Purchase 12 passenger van – $20,000 est.

Update: Two (2) AC "school" style buses and one AC travel bus were purchased in 2018/2019

If you don't wish to donate online, please call 352-694-4178 to find out other ways to donate. Thank you

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